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Novotel is a midscale hotel brand focused on modern, natural and intuitive design, and owned by Accor, as well as the company's flagship property. Created in 1967 in France, the company grew into what became the Accor group in 1983, and Novotel remained a pillar brand of Accor's multi-brand strategy. Novotel manages 492 hotels in 59 countries (2018).

Gilldoyle mentioned, "So we ended up stuck in the city that never sleeps unless it’s hit by the corona virus. That would have been ok but with having nothing else open we are at the mercy of the Novotel hotel room service. This has not been good at all. Service was ok but the food is definitely not. We decided being saint Patrick’s day to have a bottle of wine and a cheese board, the same wine which was $60 down in the bar had jumped in price big time either that or the teeny tiny cheese board cost $44 dollars as our total bill was $104!! Had breakfast this morning and the scrambled egg looked and felt like it was sitting there for the last 2 days under a hot lamp!! Location was good but that’s about all I can say positively about here I’m afraid"


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Barman/Serveur (Former Employee) says

"Hotel a éviter. Pire expérience de ma carrière !!"

Assistant Head Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Worked there for 5 years, glad to get out. Management if your face fits your in but watch your back. A very clicky environment, dont pay or ungrateful for extra work you do. Cons: Everything"

Cuisinier (Current Employee) says

"L'agro-alimentaire règne en maître du petit déjeuner au dîner. Cons: La direction"

anonymous (Former Employee) says

"MANAGEMENT ARE TERRIBLE, i dont exactly knew how management works but it is clear that is something is wrong with their management system. Especially their Human Resources Department. Their HR doesnt even know how to handle their own work and always blame other peoples. Yes and their HR is the most disappointed and pathetic department i have ever work with. THERE IS NO BONUS AT ALL, not even once. Whatever celebration that is written in your calendar i dared to say that there is absolutely no bonus at all will be given to employees, same goes to the end of the year. SALARY WONT INCREASE, its basically the same salary you will get even if you work here for 10 years. Who want to work in a company with no increase in salary. PEOPLE HERE ARE TERRIBLE, people here always sucking up to their respective department managers so they will get special treatment from their managers. They are the most annoying people here in the company. When they do something wrong, there is no discipline action will be taken. But when we normal people do just a little bit mistake, lol they will automatically give you a warning letter for just a small mistake. The people here oh my god are just really really really terrible. Cons: Too many to describe"

Cuisinier (Former Employee) says

"Tip top super bien le travail en en équipé tip top"

tutto fare (Former Employee) says

"Ho lavorato per 1 anno esatto in un novotel in Emilia Romagna, alla fine sono dovuto andarmene per evitare un esaurimento nervoso. Premetto di essere stato assunto con un contratto di tirocinio senza avere appreso nulla, i lavori che svolgevo erano di bassa manovalanza, col senno di poi avrei dovuto denunciare questa situazione (e consiglio di farlo a chi ha la sfortuna di trovarcisi). La vita privata era un miraggio e, nonostante fossi tirocinante (quindi con doveri e responsabilità limitate, oltre che con stipendio molto basso) sono stato sempre trattato con sufficienza e hanno da me preteso numerose ore di straordinari gratis, una situazione illegale oltre che immorale. Aggiungo poi di non avere mai avuto un giorno di ferie per staccare un po da questi ritmi assurdi (è vero che il contratto di tirocinio non le prevede ma nulla gli vietava di darmi un po di giorni liberi per staccare un po, considerando le ore straordinarie che avevo fatto; avrei apprezzato il gesto. Quello che ho scritto non riguarda direttamente la catena Novotel, ma peno che le condizioni lavorative dipendano dai direttori che capitano, e a me ne era capitato uno ben poco umano e corretto. Ai dipendenti che subiscono maltrattamenti consiglio di rivoltarsi per pretendere condizioni dignitose, se state zitti vi sfrutteranno sempre di più. Detto questo, non lavorerò mai più nel settore hotellerie, ero arrivato addirittura al punto di avere l’ansia prima di recarmi al lavoro."

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Vaughan location is a racist and low quality place, where a manager passes beside you not even saying hello, everyone is with unhappy and gossiping about each other. Human resource manager is coming to work with blue highlight hair color and not even smiling to her co-workers. they would call you to their office beginning of your shift and telling you in a high voice tone that you are terminated middle of low season winter. Shift manager and her favorite agent is always sitting in the office and having long conversation during their busy working times, and so one person have to handle phone calls and checking in the guest one by one.Their food is always left over from conference meetings, aim going forward with my complaints about this company."

Szobalány (Former Employee) says

"Sok munka és kevés pénz.Minden hétvégén és ünnepnap munka van."

Food& Beverage Attendant (Former Employee) says

"If i could have i would have not evan given a star at all, they just overwork people down to the ground, there are so many indian people that have high positions there (i can say this as i got to know a lot of pacific islander ethnicity) people that have worked there for almost 10years and when a position of being supervisor comes up they have applied and have been unsuccessful. They have trainings for badges on top of the work load your doing at work, also a lot of people working there actually taking things home from the company i bet they don't know. Cons: Long hours, you feel like your ordered around"

Food and Beverage Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Literally the worst place I’ve worked!!! F&B/C&B Management is absolutely ridiculous!! Has no idea what he’s doing, takes absolutely no responsibility and will UNDERPAY staff!! Management here are really dodgy!! Have NO knowledge of employment law!! I genuinely believe they don’t even realise they’re BREAKING THE LAW!! Only reason they get away with it is because staff don’t stay long enough! Working here you must do everything there’s no equality and discrimination is at its best!! The guys have to do all the heavy lifting and when questioned your a SEXIST!! Considering there are only 2 Novotel hotels in Birmingham and there 4* the place is disgusting it’s a joke of a place to work! The media really needs to expose this hotel for what it really is! Cons: Everything else"

Responsable restaurant (Former Employee) says

"Directeur incompétent, salaire très bas bref ne pas travailler las-bas"

Welcome Host/Service Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Bad management. No real progression. Little training from people that have hardly been trained themselves. Free food on duty was the only plus albeit unhealthy foods. Avoid! Cons: Lack of training. Bad management. No leadership."

Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Highly not recommended. Such poor management. They are rude, unorganized and not taking care of their employees. Unset hours to work, work doesn't match your job description, stressful and unpleasant place to be. Cons: Everything"

Team Member - Full Time (Former Employee) says

"work life balance does not exist. Long hours, bad management, really bad payment, overtime is not payed and understaffed. The staff food it's really bad."

Food and Beverage Assistant (Former Employee) says

"hard work, always staff missing, working like a slave, you just work, management not good, fast service like a fast food chain, too much work but to much staff employed. there is no enjoyment working there Cons: Health Hazzard"

Réceptionniste polyvalente (Current Employee) says

"Novotel, est une marque hôtelière milieu de gamme du groupe AccorHotels. Novotel Hotels, Suites & Resorts proposent plus de 500 hôtels et resorts dans 59 pays situés au cœur des villes internationales majeures, dans les quartiers d’affaires et les destinations de loisirs"

Front Desk Agent (Former Employee) says

"Shifts varied but we all worked 8,5 h/day. We had several duties as front desk and guest services were merged, additionally we had many ad hoc duties. Management was not supportive, made many of us lose motivation."

Medewerkster Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Slechte organisatie, veel te veel overwerk, geen waardering"

Assistant Manager - Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"9Am to 6pm Cons: Nothing"

Technicien Adjoint (Former Employee) says

"Hotel insalubre mauvaise gestion, management non compétant ."

Ma S says

"Their program doesn't allow you to use accor points for hotel booking until you choose the higher amount. For instance, you find a room at X hotel for $100 per night, and you are expecting that you can use your points to make the booking, however, after reaching the payment section, it appears that you can't use your points until you upgrade/choose the higher amount, which is almost double $190 per night for the same room and same hotel. They are trying to make it justifiable to choose for the higher amount and use your points, which provide free cancellation, or breakfast, but I am not gonna pay $90 + taxes for a breakfast at 3.5 starts hotel. What the heck...I also don't want breakfast. Besides, you cannot use all your points at once. You are only allowed to use 2000/4000/6000/ and so on. So if you have 5,900 points then good luck, you can only use 4000 points. This is really the weirdest and most scammable loyalty program."

Sam White says

"sofitel Heathrow terminal 5 covid package I recently took advantage of the overnight Sofitel hotel accomodation deal that included a covid test by another company with a desk in the hotel lobby under the name HALO even though Sofitel under their disclaimer insist HALO are an independent 3rd party the Sofitel front desk staff handle the covid test kits and are well versed in the procedure assisting customers like me arriving at check in for the test. the test kits are sent to a lab for overnight analysis with the results expected early in the morning to enable people to travel with a covid result and printable certificate to download if required to show authorities. due to an error in the lab the test had to be rerun which resulted in my receiving the covid result at 2pm. my 11am flight was therefore cancelled and I lost 1000.00 sterling as the ticket was non refundable as well as holiday accomodation booked and extras including the hotel package 199.00 and travel to and from Heathrow from home the whole experience was abysmal and left a bad taste in one's mouth other distraught passengers in the lobby included 2 women who missed their Christmas flight and holiday to Tenerife as well as a couple travelling to Zagreb. the hotel sent us an apology but neglected to offer any kind of recompense or refund. I was contemplating boarding the flight and hoping the covid all clear result would get emailed before I landed in Africa but transiting thru Belgium would also mean covid isolation on returning to these shores not to mention 2 weeks quarantine on arrival in Gambia without producing a covid clear certificate. for anyone contemplating the Sofitel hotel test package be warned of the inherent danger involved both financially and mental well-being"

Neil Mcguigan says

"Disappointing to see you policy for Covid 19 cancellation is not flexible . Booked a hotel at Bordeaux airport in 2020, which I now don't need though do need a one night stay in Bergerac instead , can't believe a group your size can not accommodate a change of hotel from one ibis style to another ibis style . Very disappointing and very poor service. All other travel companies during covid have shown compassion , flexibility and the desire to support there customers. We will definitely not be using your group ever again ."

Sanjiv Harduwar says

"The site will not accept a hyphen in my email address. Accor is a global brand and your website in this regard is disappointing. Had to use a secondary email to be able to book."

HELEN says

"Very frustrating site. Have to enter dates and destination several times in a row. SEE RATES button in choose your room area doesn't give you the pricing until you go back to the original hotel site. grrr"

MB says

"Absolute disgrace. Booked a hotel and due to Covid needed to cancel. I had chosen the flexible option which allowed me to cancel three days in advance and they took the money from my account.Fine so far.I cancelled fully nine days before I was due to arrive at the hotel, it is now eleven days and still no money returned to me. I telephoned customer service (an oxymoron) by all accounts they have to contact the hotel directly who then will contact me!!!! (Still waiting) Nowhere on the site or in the App does this information appear. I have been a customer for years and have a loyalty card (worthless). Poor beyond belief. Do not book with these charlatans."

Happy Mum! says

"As a single mom and main financial care taker of my father, we plan our vacations way in advance, and save up for them. I booked a stay with ibis Styles London Excel January 2020 for our short stay in July 2020 for EUR 834,83. I always book through - this time, I thought, let me book directly with the hotel so they don’t have to pay commission and I’ve stayed there previously. During July, London went on lockdown, the borders were closed. The hotel was closed, borders closed, flights cancelled, travel stopped. I contacted the hotel who were, beyond rude and not cooperative that the borders had been closed due to COVID. I made a reasonable proposal to either move our stay to next year, or refund our stay so we can return when we are able to after the borders are open. They refused. Behaved unreasonably and utterly abused their power as a hotel chain. I can do nothing! As a single mother, main provider, I was responsible in my planning. However, I failed in placing my trust in Accor hotels to be ethical and a genuine hospitality company. Accor has gravely abused their power, a major hospitality chain claiming to be in the hospitality business while leaving their customers outside in the cold with no regard to them as people. They refused to refund me, while they were unable to deliver services to accommodate my stay. They are in breach of their own contract, they refuse to cater to their customers and do the right thing. I, myself, have worked 10 years in different hotel chains, never ever have I experienced a company this unethical, and a brand that would abuse its power to this extend towards their customers. I would be ashamed of being the CEO or CFO of this company. You are responsible for robbing thousands of people from precious family time, and finances they have worked hard for, saved for and you just steal them to make your bonus."

Ciaran Brooks says

"the price guarantee is a joke. Both times I've tried they have denied and the rate has miraculously changed on the competitor's website after making the request. Cannot trust them. Oh well, I'll just book somewhere else."

josh says

"If you are a frequent traveller Accor is a totally uesless program compared to hyatt, hilton or marriott. IN march of this year DURING COVID peakin the my reward points points expired . they did not extend points then. amazing !! Also very few real benefits to elite members. one year expiry of points is also the worst i have seen in any program. Why give your business to a ocmpany who doesnt care about you"

Camilo Jiménez says

"The room was good but I don't understand why I cannot leave my baggage for a couple of hours, I cannot see the relationship with Covid. Thanks to that I couldn't enjoy my day in the City, terrible service"

cwash says

"its alright.... better than having to use other sites but yeah that doesn't mean its great"

stan cutcliffe says

"Overall I have found I is staff at hotels to be helpful and the rooms up to expectations. But let down by the booking app spent 6hrs on and off trying to cancel a room booking which no doubt I’ll be charged for. It the site seems to think I’m a robot when I try to cancel the room. Tried on a phone laptop and tablet. Then tried to register a complaint via there website I cant get past the mandatory field boxes which were blank so I would be guessing as to what this was"

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